Introduction and Philosophical Basis

Hillsborough County Public Schools seeks to provide a safe and equitable learning opportunity for each of its students, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, national or ethnic origin, political beliefs, marital status, handicapping condition, sexual orientation, gender identity, or social and family background. Each school must be free from disruption that would interfere with the teachers’ right to teach and the students’ right to learn. Hillsborough County Public Schools recognizes that students have certain constitutional rights to which they are entitled, which shall not be limited, except by law.

Therefore, Hillsborough County Public Schools has established the following Code of Student Conduct that students must follow, and schools must enforce uniformly. In addition, all schools in the district shall develop comprehensive discipline policies in accordance with the individual plans of School Advisory Councils. Hillsborough County Public Schools will not tolerate behavior that disrupts or interferes with the education of other students. We offer assistance to parents and guardians in the form of guidance services, peer mediation/conflict resolution, and other school and community resources in order to ensure a safe and hospitable environment.

    Students are responsible for:
  • Understanding and adhering to this Code of Student Conduct and the individual discipline plans of each school.

  • Parents are responsible for:
  • Helping students understand and abide by these policies and for recognizing that unacceptable behavior shall be subject to disciplinary action.

  • School personnel are responsible for:
  • Being aware of the specifics of the code and applying them appropriately. Schools are responsible for conveying information regarding individual school policies and procedures to students and parents.
  • Acquiring approval from the Area Superintendent for suspensions above 5 days up to 10 days.